Earth.Org Filmmakers Partners

This initiative is currently paused. 

Earth.Org partners with coworking spaces, filmmakers and local NGOs to organise film screening events centred on the theme of climate change, sustainability and biodiversity protection.

The film screenings are designed to not only spread awareness, spark discussion and inspire action regarding one of the most pressing issues of our time, climate change, but also to reach an expanded, more diverse audience for environmental films. We experienced that film screening events are also a great way to engage the local community and connect with inspiring change-makers who really do make a difference.

Earth.Org created a Film Screening List with outstanding environmental films, to give coworking spaces the possibility to screen these films at their location.

Earth.Org’s role is these film screening events is to bring best of both worlds together: filmmakers with an intriguing film and coworking spaces with a location to screen this and reach a wider audience for these films. Both the filmmakers and the coworking spaces will be acknowledged on our site as partners.


We aim to partner with filmmakers to get permission to screen their environmental films and spread the message of the film.

Earth.Org gives filmmakers the chance to:
(1) Limited release of a new film for a private audience – even before general release, to gain audience traction and to gauge the appeal of specialty films, like environmental films. This way marketing costs are conserved until a film’s performance has been established, when the filmmaker may opt to increase advertising and push for a wider release.
Hold private screenings well after the general release – to give the film a new lease of life. Our partnering coworking spaces are a great channel for building awareness and reaching a new and wider audience.

If you are a Filmmaker and you’d like to partner with Earth.Org so that your film can reach audiences worldwide, please contact us here.

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