Special Projects


Can we quantify nature and the pace at which we are destroying it? Data is abundant, but also scattered, jargon-filled and poorly disseminated. Consequently, the true magnitude of human encroachment on natural ecosystems still eludes the public.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and remote sensing technology, Earth.Org’s Natural Capital Ledger seeks to create an interactive geospatial database which, just like an accounting ledger, takes stock of the current natural capital and tacks its historic rate of depletion.

By mapping the depletion of key natural capital assets, we hope to combat apathy, educate and advocate for countries to weave the principles of natural capital accountancy into their economic development policies.


Future Mapping, another Earth.Org project, that aims to repurpose complex scientific data related to rising sea levels by developing fact-based analysis and interactive data-driven infographics to stimulate public engagement for educational and advocacy purposes.