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With a holistic and innovative approach to rhino conservation, Helping Rhinos has gone from strength to strength in the ten years since its inception and has raised over £2.25 million to further its goal to create and protect Rhino Strongholds across Africa and allow rhino populations to expand and flourish for generations to come. With 72% of the world’s rhino populations found in South Africa and the largest black rhino population in East and Central Africa found in Kenya, it is no coincidence that Helping Rhinos has been concentrating its efforts in these areas. Through highly successful fundraising initiatives and the establishment of effective partnerships in the field, Helping Rhinos has contributed to keeping anti-poaching Rangers operational, both on the ground and in the sky; rescued, rehabilitated and rewilded rhino orphans; assisted in the development of groundbreaking technology that is both protecting rhino from poachers and giving hope to a future for the 'functionally extinct' northern white rhino and, supported local communities, including the building of a new school to help give the next generation a better start in life.

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