Earth.Org is a global environmental non-profit and non-partisan Think Tank established in 2018 and based in Hong Kong. We use data journalism to overcome temporal conceptualisation challenges and better inform a global audience (young and old) on the realities of climate change, environmental degradation and the need for serious efforts towards the conservation of wildlife and natural ecosystems. 

Our mission is to avert a catastrophic global tragedy of the commons. To make the true impacts of human activity better understood by bringing the latest environmental news and data to the world, and to advocate for sustainable economic policies and global governance of natural capital.

Our vision is a world where humanity develops administrative systems that ensure sustainable economic development and the protection of the commons for the benefit of all life on the planet.

We ultimately hope to stir action. The time is now. We, as humans, must change our ways and fast.

Also have a look at: Kids.Earth.Org!  Earth.Org for Kids is dedicated to providing age-appropriate environmental (science) news to children, which can be enjoyed by parents and children together to discover and learn about the natural world around them.