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Meet the Earth.Org Team 

Constant Tedder is founder of Earth.Org, an investor and social entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building successful companies in Europe and Asia including Jagex, which he co-founded and Dawn Energy. He is the Founder & CEO of Asia's leading co-working space: the Hive. As a philanthropist, his aim has always been to build a project of worldwide impact to highlight the impacts that humans are having on our planet.
Floortje van der Grinten is a Dutch MBA graduate, passionate about the environment and dedicated to lead the push to address climate change. With previous work experiences at the Boston Consulting Group and CITIC Telecom, she is now focused on helping this NGO grow as Managing Director, with the aim to stir action and make a big impact.
Owen Mulhern is a biologist with a specialisation in image analysis and a passion for satellite imaging. His previous work involved 3 dimensional brain reconstructions developing new algorithms for image processing. He is now focused on bringing powerful visualisations of the current state of our climate to life as Data Science Team Lead.

Contributing Writers

Adele Liu Kramber is a senior at New York University Shanghai, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Journalism. She has been working with various environmental organizations in the United States and China as a researcher. Her current projects include in-depth research on the environmental history of Shanghai. She can be contacted at adele[at]earth.org.
Jessica is a freelance broadcast journalist with over ten years' experience in TV, radio and online journalism. She is a Gender and Health correspondent for Pan African Vision in Washington DC, a correspondent for Scientific African Magazine in South Africa and a correspondent for West Africa Democracy Radio in Senegal. Jessica has previously worked as an anchor at various Ghanain TV stations and a producer and sub-editor. She can be reached at ahedor[at]earth.org.
Arpita Dasgupta is a doctoral student at Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. Her educational qualification includes a Master of Technology (M. Tech) in Environmental Biotechnology from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Biotechnology from Anna University, Chennai. Her research interests lie in the field of environmental biotechnology and microbiology, waste and wastewater treatment, ecology and biodiversity conservation. She can be contacted at arpita[at]earth.org.
Carla M. Delgado is an honour graduate from the University of the Philippines Los Baños where she took up BA Communication Arts (Major in Theatre Arts, Minor in Writing). She works as a professional theatre practitioner in the Philippine theatre industry as part of the Stage Management and Sound Team. Her works as a freelance writer have been published in various local and international publications, both digitally and in print. She bylines for BroadwayWorld and Earth.org. She can be contacted at Carla[at]earth.org.
Claudia Chow is a recent postgraduate of Science, Technology and Society studies at UCL with a background in Biochemistry from Imperial College. Previously a writer at Hive Life, she now writes about the relationship between human agency and its environmental consequences and has an interest in how science is communicated to the public, social justice and policy. She can be contacted at claudia.chow[at]earth.org.
Daisy is a masters student in MSc Environment, Politics & Society at University College London, with a BA Geography degree from University of Plymouth. She is also on the organising committee for the 2020 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (UK). Her research interests include environmental philosophy and ethics, conservation, justice and policy, with a specific focus on China. She can be contacted at daisy[at]earth.org.
Dhanada K Mishra has a Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Michigan and is a professor in the eastern province of Odisha in India. He is currently visiting the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a Research Scholar working in the subject of green construction materials. He has a strong professional interest in the environment, sustainability, climate science and ethics in technology. He supports movements against climate change, corruption and those promoting decentralised governance and green economic policy. He has been writing regularly on these and related topics in leading newspapers and periodicals in India both in his mother tongue Odiya and English. Some of the publications that have carried his columns are Sambad, Samadrusti, and Bhumi in Odiya and Orissa Post, OdishaPlus and Business Today in English, as well as Hong Kong Free Press in Hong Kong. He is also a founding member of Extinction Rebellion Hong Kong. He can be contacted at Dhanada[at]earth.org.
Edric is an MSc postgraduate in Environmental Science and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He researched environmental policies and management systems to combat concerns on the environment. Previously, he gained exposure to the perils of climate change on the environment in his BSc degree in Physical Geography at the University of Toronto, which developed his interest in spreading awareness of the importance of sustainability, resource conservation, and emerging environmental issues. He can be contacted at Edric[at]earth.org.
Emily is passionate about helping people learn about the latest sustainability, conservation and green technology news. She studied Professional Writing at Elizabethtown College and is the creator of Conservation Folks, writing about topics ranging from wildlife news to understanding what type of renewable energy to install in your home. She can be contacted at Emily[at]earth.org.
Felix Leung is a postdoctoral researcher and a scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the impact of anthropogenic activities such as air pollution and urbanisation on ecosystems and the environment. He is well-versed in ecology, environmental biology, conservation, geography, and climate change science. An eco-tourism enthusiast, Felix has traveled to seven continents visiting more than 50 countries and regions. He can be contacted at felix[at]earth.org.
Films for the Earth is the most comprehensive curated film database and streaming platform for sustainability films in the world. It has more than 300 documentaries on sustainability, ecology, nature and wildlife that can be watched directly online.
Fundación Jocotoco (www.jocotoco.org) is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization whose mission is to protect the most threatened species and habitats in Ecuador. Since its establishment in 1998, it has established a network of 16 reserves totalling 58 290 acres and has helped communities to protect an additional 30 000 acres.
HUTAN is a community-based NGO that has been working in Kinabatangan since 1998. Seratu Aatai is an NGO working in Sabah: both NGOs try to find ways for people and wildlife in Malaysia to co-exist peacefully, avoiding elephant human conflicts, inside and outside of protected areas.
Ira is a management consultant. After working for a number of years with A.T Kearney, she is now working freelance as a consultant and is also an editorial contributor to Earth.org. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and about finding implementable solutions to combat climate change effectively. She can be reached at ira[at]earth.org.
Jørgen is a lawyer and researcher specialising in energy and environmental law. He earned his LLM at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and first law degree at the University of Brussels, with a focus on Public International and European Union Law. His current research focuses on the relationship between international investment law and climate change mitigation.
Judy is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), pursuing English Literature and Communications. She is specifically interested in how information travels both in offline and online realms and hopes to further explore this in relation to science and environment related reports.
Karolina Figas is an undergraduate at University College London (UCL) majoring in Geography. She was previously a contributing writer and an apprentice at a sustainable development organisation working in Central and East Indonesia. Her main areas of interest include tropical development, sustainability, epigenetics and psychology. She can be contacted at Karolina[at]earth.org.
Cherry is an undergraduate student studying English Studies, Linguistic and Journalism at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). She is an editorial contributor at Earth.Org and also a social media blogger. She is interested in animal issues and exploring the effectiveness of environmental policies. She can be contacted at cherry[at]earth.org.
Liam McGill is a student of MSc. Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen. He is a founding member of the communal energy systems start-up SuFu and the head of the United Nations Youth Association, Copenhagen branch. He can be contacted at liam[at]earth.org.
Maisie Kemp is a final year geography student at University College London. She has gained work experience alongside her degree in the sustainability field, with a particular interest in business and the environment, as well as conservation and sustainable living. Her passions for geography are focused on the interactions between the environment and society. She can be contacted at Maisie[at]earth.org.
Maria Angélica Mejía-Cáceres is a doctor in Health and Sciences Education from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is member of the research group Languages and Media in Science and Health Education at the university. She is also a member of the research group Science, Education and Diversity and the research group Science, Actions, and Greeting at the Universidad del Valle in Colombia. She can be contacted at maria[at]earth.org.
Melissa is a freelance travel journalist and Communications Manager at The Reef-World Foundation. As a qualified scuba diver and member of the Reef-World team, Melissa is particularly passionate about marine conservation and sustainable travel. Her work has been published by the likes of Lonely Planet, MTV, Diver Magazine and more. She can be contacted at melissa[at]earth.org.
Mongabay is a non-profit conservation and environmental science news platform.
Prabhat Labh is CEO, Grameen Foundation India, and has worked in livelihoods, financial inclusion and enterprise development. Prior to this, he worked at MasterCard Foundation, Canada Sourajit Aiyer is Consultant with South Asia Fast Track Sustainability Communications. He has worked with both traditional & sustainable finance organisations.
Raman is an undergraduate student studying English Studies and Economics at the University of Hong Kong. She is an editorial contributor at Earth.Org. She is interested in the role of public policy and governance in environmental protection and climate change. She can be contacted at raman[at]earth.org.
Scott Aloysius studied Environmental Biology at the National University of Singapore. His research interests include ecology, conservation, and wildlife trade. He is an editorial contributor for Earth.Org and The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). He can be contacted at scott[at]earth.org.
Tom works at RUSI, the world’s oldest defence and security think-tank. He holds a MSc in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and a United Nations SDG Academy qualification in Environmental Security and Peacebuilding.
The True Nature Foundation supports community-led ecological restoration and conservation that benefits both people and their environment. It engages in partnership arrangements with local authorities and communities, aiming at local capacity building in biodiversity conservation and ecotourism. Its mission is to combine ecological restoration and conservation to create thriving environments for sustainable development and climate resilient communities. See their work at https://truenaturefoundation.org/
Vera is an Environmental Studies undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Her interests lie in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. She is also exploring coding and data analytics, in hopes of using such skills to support the environment sector in future.
Wilson is a current PhD student at the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading. He holds a BSc. in Physical Geography and a MSc. in Climate Change from University College London (UCL). He is particularly interested in the impacts of climate change on freshwater resources. His current research focuses on quantifying past and future risks of hydrological drought. He can be contacted at wilson[at]earth.org.
WWF is a leading global conservation organization, with a network active in more than 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through conservation, footprint and education programmes, with the aim of transforming Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city.
Yat Ho Yiu is a student of Philosophy at Durham University in the UK. He conducts research and writes extensively on climate change and pollution to raise awareness about environmental issues among the millennial generation. He can be contacted at yat.ho[at]earth.org.

Data Science Team

Alex is a Design Thinking and Technology consultant and trainer. He holds degrees in Forestry, and in Applied Computer Science and Statistics and focused his research on climate change and sustainability. He is passionate about exploring applications of modern technologies, like AI, machine learning and computer vision, to solve environmental problems. Alex can be reached at alex.jurgenson[at]earth.org.
Braundt is a GIS Specialist with education in Geospatial Technologies and Environmental Science from UK, Germany and Spain. She has experience in GIS consultancy and Remote Sensing. Now she is passionate in finding insights from locational data and creating compelling stories with maps to raise environmental awareness. She can be reached at [email protected]
Wu Ka Tau, Laura is a final year student studying Mental Health Nursing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She believes psychological theories, methods, and statistics could provide insightful perspective to data analysis. She is passionate in promoting environmental awareness through humanistic approach to data analysis and visualisation. She can be contacted at laura[at]earth.org
Wong Hong is a student of M.Sc. in Geomatics. He holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental and Resource Management. He is interested in environmental sciences, human-environmental interactions, as well as data analysis and visualization. He is passionate in using different tools to perform analysis and visualization. He can be reached at winghong.or[at]earth.org
Xinyu is an undergraduate student studying Statistics and Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. She is interested in drilling implications from earth observations using cutting edge big data technologies. She can be contacted at xinyu.lu[at]earth.org.


Greta Coccaro is a Chinese Language, Economics and Society graduate from Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy. She is passionate about the impact of public policies on sustainable development and the use of social media to raise awareness on environmental problems. She can be contacted at greta[at]earth.org.
Melanie Japson is an International Journalism graduate from Hong Kong Baptist University. She is interested in wildlife conservation and climate issues and uses social media to influence and reach different audiences from around the globe. She can be contacted at melanie.japson[at]earth.org.
Prateek Malhotra is currently pursuing an MSc in Environmental Management at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Previously, he has worked with UNDP India as an Environment and Energy Consultant. His interests include biodiversity conservation, green innovation, waste treatment, sustainable development and working towards a circular economy. He can be contacted at prateek.malhotra[at]earth.org
Sandra is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Business Economics and Sustainability at the City University of Hong Kong. She was awarded the King Constantine Medal for her outstanding efforts in service work within her local and school community during her time in the Middle East. Her passion for people and the environment continues to push her to work in different NGOs across Asia. She can be contacted at sandra[at]earth.org.

Former Team Members

Basudev Mahapatra is a senior journalist based in Bhubaneswar, India. He frequently writes on the environment, agricultural biodiversity, and livelihood issues for a number of national and international publications. He can be contacted at basudev[at]earth.org.
Heloise is pursuing a joint major in Philosophy and Economics at Science Po University, La Sorbonne in Paris and at Columbia University in New York City. Her studies focus on environmental dynamics, environmental policy, green innovation, and environmental ethics. She is interested in exploring the links between the aggravating climate crisis and its impact on society, and she hopes to become part of the solution. She can be contacted at heloise[at]earth.org.
Marco started his career as a public policy consultant in Southeast Asia, advising on political-economic issues and the Post-2015 Development Agenda for the UN and the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). He then ventured into the world of start-ups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. He holds a B.A. in History and Classical Studies from Queen’s University in Canada and graduated with distinction from the London School of Economics with a MSc in Theory of International relations. He can be contacted at marco[at]earth.org.
Nicole Tang is a student in McGill University, studying Environment, Development and Economics. Her favourite areas of sustainability are green economy, waste management and sustainable food consumption and production. She can be contacted at nicole.tang[at]earth.org.
Rahoof currently works as fact-check reporter at Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Hong Kong. An award-winning journalist, Rahoof served as the Editor of Earth.Org for six months before joining AFP. He has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Centre for Journalists (ICFJ) on special journalism projects. He has won national and international journalism awards for his work in India and Hong Kong. He can be contacted at rahoof[at]earth.org.
Currently working for Asia Tatler, Samantha Topp was previously a reporter and photographer for the National Geographic grant project: The Hong Kong Explorers Initiative and Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, covering current affairs, politics and environmental issues. She can be contacted at samantha[at]earth.org.
Samantha Barbara Yih is a media student majoring in public relations and social media, and a freelance journalist. Having experience with public relations consulting to NGOs based in the Philippines and India, she wishes to continue to explore the use of social media in furthering the goals of other not-for-profit organisations to bring change to the world. She can be contacted at samantha.yih[at]earth.org.
Vanessa is an undergraduate student at the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. With intended concentrations in Environmental Policy and Marketing and Operations management, she is interested in the intersection of corporate and environmental interests. She strongly believes in using business skills as a force for positive environmental change. Vanessa can be reached at vanessa.liew[at]earth.org.

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