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Become an EO Photographer!

A photograph has the power to do more than just document- it can transport us to unseen worlds and show us how nature and humanity interact – sometimes in good ways and sometimes in disastrous ways. Earth.Org aims to use the power of photography to tell stories, share moments and raise awareness of the environmental crisis. 

Whether you are a professional or semi-professional photographer, or simply a nature enthusiast who loves taking pictures, we welcome you to paint a picture for our audience and help us deliver stories, capture truth and drive change through impactful and thoughtful photographs. Your work will be seen by 280,000+ viewers and it will support our mission of advocating for a more sustainable world.

As an EO photographer, your content will be featured on our website, social media channels and newsletters. If you are interested, then please send your details to: photos[at]earth.org. Please note that any photographs provided will be royalty-free.


Submit Your Photos

Earth.Org aim to highlight large-scale planetary natural degradation. We want to use our website as a platform to spread awareness of what is happening to our planet. 

If you are a professional or amateur photographer who has witnessed and recorded extraordinary scenes of environmental degradation or destruction – please submit your pictures here with a short note to explain the location, timing and context.

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EarthOrg Photographers

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