An initiative called the Green Climate Fund, that is supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), has approved USD$17.2 million in funding for a project that will work to improve climate resilience in Monrovia, Liberia, protecting 250 000 people from the harmful effects of extreme weather events.

What is Happening?

Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh, Executive Director, Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia, says, “To protect our people from the existential risks posed by the climate crisis, this project will expand our coastal defenses, enhance livelihoods, create new economic opportunities, and improve the protection of the vulnerable mangrove ecosystems in the Monrovian Metropolitan Area.”

Stephen Rodriques, Resident Representative, UNDP Liberia, says, “I recently visited some of the areas where this coastal resilience work will be done. I saw the communities and met with many of the women and men whose lives and livelihoods are directly threatened by the sea-level rise. This is what the Paris Agreement is about; about climate change creating real risks to people and their ways of life, and why it is so important that we learn to better coexist with nature. These coastal protection measures are extremely important, particularly for the vulnerable communities and populations whose livelihoods are at risks, but in the long term we have to take better care of our planet.”

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Featured image by: Flickr