Denmark will build an artificial island 80km offshore in the middle of the North Sea to act as a clean energy hub that produces and stores wind energy. The island, equivalent to the size of 18 football fields, will be linked to Danish offshore wind turbines to supply power to 3 million households, as well as to generate green hydrogen for use in shipping, aviation and industry.

What is Happening?

Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen said at a press event, “This is truly a great moment for Denmark and for the global green transition. The island will make a big contribution to the realisation of the enormous potential for European offshore wind.”

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Jorgensen adds, “The 10GW when this is finalised will be producing far, far more clean energy than we can use as a country, so this is part of a strategy to help other countries meet their targets.”

Featured image of a simulation of Denmark’s clean energy island. Photograph: Danish government