"Saving sharks, saves humans." – Alexander Schmidt

Alexander Schmidt was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is currently based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He photographs marine animals. When Alexander free dove with sharks for the first time, he became fascinated with the underwater life. He saw what was happening to sharks around the world through social media, and he understood the power of a camera and a wild animal. He wants to create awareness and to bring wild animals closer to far-away consumers, who ultimately are the main cause of their extinction. Currently, he is working for Mexico Azul, an NGO based in Mexico, and is a media manager in Fins Attached onboard the Sharkwater Vessel.

His work has been featured in:
Sharkadelic 2 (a chapter of Sharkweek, to be aired in July 2021)

Instagram: @alexsharks_
Facebook: @alexsharks