"A random clicker who loves mother nature unconditionally "
- Didarul Mazumder

Didarul is a photographer from Hailakandi, Assam, India. His decision to become a photographer stems from his unwavering love for the beauty of nature. He is endlessly captivated by the ever-changing moments that unfold in the natural world, and it is his passion to capture these dynamic scenes using the camera on his smartphone. He is particularly drawn to the enchanting allure of sunsets, sunrises, and the fascinating interplay of clouds. Additionally, he finds great fulfilment in documenting the authentic charm and simplicity of village and rural life. Mobile photography has become his chosen medium, allowing him to connect with the tranquility and serenity found in these precious moments.

He won many awards, including 1st Rank at the Landscape 2022 Contest Winner C41 Photography, 1st Rank at the Slover Library 7th Annual Earth Day Photo Contest 2023 . He also won several national competitions, including the Indiefact's Multicolored photo contest and the MegaPixel 8.0 - Online Photography Contest.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/itsdidarul
35awards: https://35awards.com/author/didarul8915/
Viewbug: https://www.viewbug.com/member/Didarul
Photocrowd: https://www.photocrowd.com/photographer-community/379508/