Welcome to the Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index, where Earth.Org examines the policies and actions regarding the environment of every nation on earth. Combining the most respected global indexes on pollution, climate change, policy, energy, oceans, biodiversity we have produced an overall Global Index, which will be updated annually. This is the Global Sustainability Index scorecard for France.

In mid-2019, France pledged it would cut its greenhouse gas emissions and go carbon-neutral by 2050, along with other countries in the EU, however experts say everyday life in France does not match the political promises. They say that France needs to strengthen its climate policies, particularly on transport, car use and building renovation

A report recommends that carbon budgets should be more ambitious and set in law, and the carbon neutrality objective should include international transport, from aviation to shipping. France should also implement a strategy to reduce the country’s global carbon footprint. 




Global Sustainability Index France

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Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index Ranking image description: France Rankings – Policy: 45, Pollution: 2, Climate Change: 18, Oceans: 64, Biodiversity: 169, Energy: 14, Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index Ranking 4.