Welcome to the Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index for the UAE, where Earth.Org examines the policies and actions regarding the environment of every nation on earth. Combining the most respected global indexes on pollution, climate change, policy, energy, oceans, biodiversity we have produced an overall Global Index, which will be updated annually. This is the Global Sustainability Index scorecard for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE has taken some preliminary, but still insufficient, steps on climate action. According to Climate Action Tracker, if all government targets were in the UAE’s range, global warming would reach between 3 and 4 degrees Celsius. Petrol and diesel prices are subject to a 5% VAT rate, whereas crude oil and natural gas are still exempt. However, diesel prices are still far below the global average. 

Despite this, the region has shown willingness to divest from fossil fuels. It has ambitious clean energy targets and has broken the world record for the lowest solar energy cost multiple times. Additionally, the UAE is a major investor in renewable energy projects and companies and has committed around US$1 billion in grants and soft loans for climate projects internationally.


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* Our Climate Change Ranking (CCPI) considers this country’s efforts toward climate change insufficient and thus has not ranked it.

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Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index Ranking image description: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Rankings – Policy: 14, Pollution: 77, Climate Change: N/A, Oceans: 19, Biodiversity: 60, Energy: 26, Earth.Org Global Sustainability Index Ranking 40.