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Lion Breeding Will End in South Africa

by Earth.Org Africa May 4th 20213 mins
Lion Breeding Will End in South Africa

Lion breeding in South Africa and trade in products such as their bones should be ended, according to the country’s Environment Minister Barbara Creecy. Additionally, the country won’t lobby for the lifting of global restrictions on the rhino horn and elephant ivory trade.

What is Happening?

A member of the audience interjected at the end of the meeting to say that the recommendations adopted would lead to the destruction of the species the government seeks to protect. In response, Creecy said, “We fully understand that the breeders will have things to say. No change in policy can be made in a democracy without the participation of those affected,” promising consultations. 

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Protecting its Animals

Creecy said, “The captive lion industry poses risks to the sustainability of wild lion conservation resulting from the negative impact on ecotourism, which funds lion conservation and conservation more broadly. In addition there is a negative impact on the authentic wild hunting industry and the risk the trade in lion parts poses to stimulating poaching and the illegal trade.”


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