Nestlé UK and Ireland has partnered with Plastic Energy, a major chemical recycling company, to explore the potential of developing a recycling plant in the UK. Should it be successfully built, it will be the first commercial large-scale facility of its kind in the UK. 

What is Happening?

Group Packaging Manager at Nestlé UK and Ireland, Alison Bramfitt says, “The issue of packaging waste is one where we all have a role to play, to not only cut our use of virgin plastic, but also make sure the plastic in our packaging has a second life. We are working hard to create a circular lifespan for our packaging so it can have multiple lives and uses, and partnering with Plastic Energy is just one of the ways we are taking steps forward on this journey.”

He continues, “We want to increase the amount of recycled plastic we use but there are currently real challenges in the supply of recycled content for food packaging in the UK. We hope the outcome of the feasibility study will help offer more insight into the options for supporting the infrastructure in recycling capability in this country.”

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Featured image by: Flickr