The Big 5 are generally seen as the most difficult animals to kill, but a new project by photographers is changing this, creating a new list of the five most photogenic animals.

What is Happening?

Photographer Marsel van Oosten, who is involved in the project, said, “They’re a stark reminder of what’s at stake if we don’t change our ways. That’s how I will look at each of them, as beautiful representatives of the many thousands of other, often lesser-known species who desperately need our help.”

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Ami Vitale, another contributor to the project, said, “While the big charismatic species are great ambassadors, we need to increase awareness about all creatures. This planet is our only shared little life raft and we are on it together. We must all do everything we can to care for the plants and critters that inhabit the Earth. They are fellow travellers and our only friends in this enormous universe. Our future happiness depends on all of them.”