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Guilt-Free Crypto Art That Offsets Carbon Up for Auction

by Earth.Org Americas Asia Europe Aug 20th 20212 mins
Guilt-Free Crypto Art That Offsets Carbon Up for Auction

5,000 unique crypto art and artworks from The SnarkySharkz Generative Art Project are up for auction to raise funds for ocean conservation projects. Each NFT transaction will be carbon offset through support with a mangrove regeneration project. 

The SnarkySharkz Generative Art Project is auctioning off 5,000 unique crypto art in an effort to raise money for two different ocean conservation projects.

Artworks from the project imagines the distant future of 3149 in which after Earth was ravaged by pollution and submerged entirely in water, sharks have evolved into creatures with increased intelligence and human-like characteristics and behaviours called Sharkz. These contemporary graphic illustrations and caricature artworks are quirky, each individually distinctive with its own personality and style. Think Elton John-esque caricature shark with star-shaped sunglasses to one dressed in a tuxedo complete with a monocle. 

5% of revenue from the sale of the limited NFTs will go towards SeaLegacy, a network of renowned nature photographers, who use powerful imagery to drive real change in climate and environmental issues. Some of the projects in the past include stopping fossil fuel exploration in Norway and fighting for First Nations communities in Northern Vancouver. 

Another 5% of proceeds will help support the ocean clean-up project led by OCN.ai and Ultramarine Ocean, a summit of scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs intent on tackling pollution and regenerating our ocean ecosystem, in removing WWII munitions waste dropped off the coast of Hawaii. The leftover munitions have been linked to causing cancer in sharks living in the region. 

NFTs and cryptocurrency mining have been making headlines recently in regards to its carbon footprint and environmental impact. However, Project Ark, a carbon neutral blockchain platform that leverages NFTs to support animal and environmental conservation is ensuring these crypto art have a negative carbon footprint, and will help offset carbon emissions from the NFT sales by supporting GaiaTogether’s mangrove regeneration project.

Mangroves are some of the world’s most important carbon sinks, and have been recorded to absorb almost 10 times as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than terrestrial forests. Each purchaser of a SnarkyShark will receive a free NFT representing the carbon offset of their purchase, which will be minted on the Polygon network. With each sale at the secondary market, further royalties will go back to aforementioned impact projects. 

The auction will be opened from August 20, 6pm UTC / 2pm EST at snarkysharkz.com.

Featured image by: Snarkysharkz

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