Earth.Org Screening Pack

Earth.Org has put together a Screening Pack of Environmental Documentary films for coworking spaces, that you can show at your space. We have secured licences that allow us to offer the films to others to screen. Also we have got pre-approved photos and in some cases video clips that can be used on social media to help promote the film event to your community and the wider public.

Earth.Org would like to offer you the chance to screen environmental documentaries at your space.

  1. Trial Screening– One-off screening of a documentary of your choice
  2. City Event Partner– 1 documentary screening every 2 months

The Screening Pack

This includes:

Whats In It For You

*Only available for City Event Partners


$40 USD per screening for Earth.Org to cover licensing fees. It will be a charity event, but we recommend to charge a small entry fee.

Events with a small fee generally have a better perceived value and a better engagement.


What To Do Next

  1. Select documentary
  2. Select a date (Please allow us 6 weeks advance notice)
  3. Fill in the Google Form
  4. Invite attendees and promote the event
  5. Enjoy your screening!
  6. Provide Earth.Org with feedback