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Watch: Earth.Org Speaks at ReThink 2020

by Earth.Org Asia Nov 6th 20202 mins
Watch: Earth.Org Speaks at ReThink 2020

Earth.Org was one of the media partners at ReThink 2020, a business sustainability event held on October 28 and 29 aimed at making the business landscape in Hong Kong greener and more sustainable. 

After being postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event brought together sustainability changemakers from various industries, from finance to airlines to social impact projects, who are all working to make Hong Kong a more environmentally sound city. See below just some of the people we spoke with throughout the two-day event.

Karen Ho, Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability, WWF Hong Kong

Karen Ho.mp4


Kay Liu, Circular Fashion Programme Director, Redress

Kay Liu.mp4


Andrew Tsui, CEO and Co-founder, Rooftop Republic

Andrew Tsui.mp4


Bas Fransen, Founder, Ekomatcher

Bas Fransen.mp4


Florence Yu, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Director, Coca-Cola China Limited

Florence Yu.mp4


Gabrielle Kirstein, CEO, Feeding Hong Kong

Gabrielle Kirstein-.mp4


Chris Brown, Founder, ReThink

Chris Brown2.mp4


Ekomatcher, a company working to incorporate tree-planting into business models, planted 915 trees in the Philippines to create a ReThink forest which will result in 15 022 Kg of CO2 being sequestered in an attempt to make the event carbon negative. Further, a beneficiary fund was created from delegate fees, which helped to deliver over 8 000 meals to Hong Kong’s most in-need communities via FeedingHK and supply 500 people in Hong Kong, for two months with free, high-quality liquid soaps via Soap Cycling.

According to the organisers, the 2021 edition of ReThink will expand on its founder’s ambition to curate a high-value business ecosystem event which delivers immediate and measurable impact, facilitates collaboration and that leads to real action towards a more equitable and climate smart future for Hong Kong.

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