It’s easy to feel despondent scrolling through social media and seeing what we’re doing to our beautiful planets. We should be following accounts that showcase important information, of course, but also ones that show beautiful things and inspiring news. In that vein, here are 10 of our favourite environmental Instagram accounts that will fill your feed with beauty and the drive to save our planet. 

This account is your bible for sustainable living. It’s full of sustainable, zero-waste tips that you can use in your everyday life, in your school, office and home. Expect to learn how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning products.

Founder of the National Geographic Photo Ark, a 25-year project to show the world the beauty of biodiversity and inspire action to save species, the famed photographer is on a mission to capture the world’s biodiversity before it disappears.

 Another account for beautiful pictures of biodiversity around the world. It’s a sobering reminder of the damage we’re inflicting on the planet and those that inhabit it.

In 2016, Joseph was one of five Rolex Laureates awarded for his contribution to glacial research. His photographs show how microorganisms in the ice have an impact on the planet. 

Follow this account for beautiful pictures of cetaceans from around the world.

Nicklen is a National Geographic contributor and co-founder of Sea Legacy, who documents marine life and the effects of human development on the ocean. 

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The park, which is Africa’s oldest and most biologically diverse protected area, is famously home to mountain gorillas, but its account shows the park’s inhabitants at their most beautiful. 

A diverse group of photographers from six continents show the effects of climate change around the world.

This account will entertain and keep you engaged in important climate activism. 

This fantastic account frequently shows world-saving initiatives around the world. 

We hope that this list of environmental Instagram accounts will inspire you to lead a more sustainable life to ensure the health of the planet for generations to come.

Featured image by: Flickr