On February 23, Earth.Org had a conversation with Chris Wettling, co-founder and Head of Business Development of Chomp HK, an app designed to address food waste and food surplus in Hong Kong by connecting customers to F&B businesses who have food in need of rescuing.  In this fireside chat, we discussed the environmental and social impacts of food, how individuals and companies can alter their perception of food consumption, and the struggles and successes of Chomp since its launch.

Chris spoke with Earth.Org about several topics, including:

hong kong food waste, food surplus, chomp According to Chris, education is key to changing the many misconceptions surrounding food surplus to help reduce food waste occurring in Hong Kong, and globally. That education needs to start at schools, consistent messaging, involvement from multiple stakeholders ranging from governments down to individuals.  Chomp is doing this by creating more dialogue with both F&B businesses and customers, posting regular tips and advice on their Instagram, as well as future collaborations with local schools. 

You can check out the full length video of Earth.Org ‘s conversation with Chris Wettling below:

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