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In Conversation with Andri Snær Magnason

by Tristan BoveOct 18th 20212 mins
In Conversation with Andri Snær Magnason
On October 6th, Earth.Org spoke with Andri Snær Magnason, prolific author, essayist and environmentalist. His acclaimed novels, including Dreamland, The Time Casket and LoveStar, have spanned a wide range of genres, and for his work, Andri has twice won the Icelandic Literary Prize. His most recent outing, On Time and Water, published in the original Icelandic in 2019 and released in English in 2020, explores our planet and our species’ changing relationship with time in a rapidly warming world. In his interview, Andri and Earth.Org founder Constant Tedder discussed his book and other topics. For Earth.Org’s review of On Time and Water, please click here.
Andri spoke with us about several topics, including:

  • How accelerating climate change is altering the way we think about time.
  • How we can imagine the right language to describe what is happening to our natural world.
  • How we can help ourselves to think more intimately about the future.
  • What are we ok with leaving behind?

Whether he is writing science fiction, children’s books or expository work on Iceland’s energy and industrial policy, Andri Snær Magnason wields an impressive control over words. As he tells us, words matter, and yet sometimes they utterly fail us. Is the word ‘beautiful’ enough to describe an imperious and monumental glacier? Are the words ‘ocean acidification’ enough to convey how serious climate change is, and how it will drastically impact our lives?

Andri talks to use about the power of words and so much more in this interview. He talks about family, about the importance of connections in a rapidly changing world and what we have to hold on to.

In our interview with Andri, the author tells us how we can connect the dangling threads of our lives from the solid foundations of the past to the inescapable future. In a time of frustrating passivity and indifference, Andri finds hope in the youth of the world that is now in the process of overcoming another generational crisis in the shape of a global pandemic, and if these are the leaders of the future, perhaps we can all find the words to imagine a more perfect future.

You can check out the full version of Earth.Org’s conversation with Andri below:

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About the Author

Tristan Bove

Tristan is an International Studies and Chinese graduate of DePaul University. He has experience researching the impacts of humanity's relationship with the environment, and how states can successfully implement strategies for sustainable development. As Policy and Economics Editor, his current interests revolve around the developmental policies that can reconcile equitable economic growth with pathways to a net-zero future.

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