On September 3, Earth.Org founder Constant Tedder had a conversation with Tim Jackson, economist and professor of sustainable development at the University of Surrey. Tim is best known for his influential 2017 book, Prosperity Without Growth, and discussed with us his most recent book, Post-Growth: Life after Capitalism, released in March 2021. Click here for Earth.Org’s review for Post-Growth.

Tim spoke with Earth.Org about several topics, including:

In his earlier work, Prosperity Without Growth, Tim explored potential trajectories human society could take towards achieving common prosperity for all without the need to maintain constant economic and GDP growth. After that highly influential work, he returns with a updated take on the prospects of our evolution towards a post-growth society.

Tim discussed with us why we need to engage in this transition, for environmental and social health reasons alike, but also what we have to look forward to if we are successful. He paints an alluring picture of a world that is distinctly different, but also more equitable and just. It is a world where human potential is valued, not human contributions to GDP numbers.

This transition won’t be easy, and it will require concerted adjustments in the political and economic systems of today. But Tim explains to us not only why these changes are entirely possible, but also why we should be hopeful about them and our prospects for the future.

You can check out the full version of Earth.Org’s conversation with Tim Jackson below: