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Partnering with Earth.Org

Earth.Org has a growing team across the world. From our beginnings in Hong Kong we are building a worldwide network of Contributors, Event & Space Partners, Research Organisations & Teams, other NGOs to extend our reach from online to offline.


A huge Thank You to our corporate sponsors and supporters

As an ambitious not-for-profit, we are permanently bootstrapping. We are determined that every dollar we use goes into positive action.

We would not be able to do what we do without the support of our partners across the world. We’d like to thank the following organisations, companies, foundations and people for supporting Earth.Org.


City Event Partners

Our Screening Partners help bring awareness to the environmental and climate crisis and the true impacts of human activity on our planet by hosting film screenings, talks and other events at their locations. If you are a Coworking Space and you'd like to host fully licensed Documentary and Film Screenings, please contact us.

Host Events
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Filmmaker Partners

Our Film Maker Partners enable impactful environmental films and documentaries reach new audiences. Earth.Org partners with spaces worldwide and can organise Private screenings for new films to build awareness pre-wider release, or can help films previously released reach new audiences. If you are a Film Maker and you'd like to partner with Earth.Org so that your film can reach real audiences worldwide please contact us.

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Hong Kong
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Earth.org Organisations

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Research Partners

We currently collaborate with: World Resources Institute, Globescan, NASA, European Space Agency, Max Planck Institute, Nature, National Geographic, ESRI (ArcGIS), Greenpeace, WWF, Global Footprint Network, Global Forest Watch. As well as a host of individual researchers at academic organisations.

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