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PG4 Seoul Summit 2021: A Summary

by Earth.Org Asia Jun 1st 20213 mins
PG4 Seoul Summit 2021: A Summary

The PG4 Seoul Summit took place on May 30 and 31, and aimed to unite heads of states, CEOs, investors and other stakeholders to identify and accelerate innovative sustainable solutions in developing countries. Earth.Org has put together a summary of the proceedings, day by day.

What is Happening?

May 30

In his opening address, Moon Jae-in, President, Republic of Korea, said, “the vision of a green recovery that is carbon neutral invites us all to act together, and combine our knowledge and efforts.” He announced that the Republic of Korea will end financing for new overseas coal-fired power plants and will no longer issue permits for new domestic coal power plants. 

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May 31

Summits like the PG4 Seoul Summit are vital in encouraging and fostering international cooperation. In the age of advancing climate change, this cooperation is becoming increasingly important if we have a chance of achieving climate goals. 

Featured image by: Flickr 


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