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See the Winners of the 2021 Earth.Org Photography Competition!

by Earth.Org Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania Jun 22nd 20212 mins
See the Winners of the 2021 Earth.Org Photography Competition!

A sincere thank you to all those that entered our 2021 Earth.Org Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition! We received entries from more than 400 talented photographers, conservationists, wildlife enthusiasts and explorers from across the world who all share a passion for the environment and uncovering our planet’s natural beauty. Thank you to our judges who used their photographic skills to select the winners! Here are the winners of this year’s competition!

Overall Best Environmental Photo Category- Tharmapalan Tilaxan, Sri Lanka

Elephants eating plastic from an open garbage dump along the coast of Eastern Sri Lanka, travelling large distances looking for food in order to survive.

earth.org photography competition 2021

Wildlife in Peril Category: Alain Schroeder, Belgium

Brenda, an estimated 3-month-old female sumatran orangutan in surgery, after being under severe threat from the ongoing depletion and fragmentation Indonesia’s rainforest.

earth.org photography competition 2021

Human Impacts on Environment Category- Chin Leong, Singapore

Boy coping with drought in his farmland, a depiction of climate sustainability being critical for the preservation of future generations.

earth.org photography competition 2021

The winner of the Earth.Org “Overall Best Environmental Photo” 2021 will be awarded USD$1000. The winners of the two sub-categories Earth.Org “Wildlife in Peril” 2021 and Earth.Org “Human Impacts on the Environment” 2022 will be awarded with USD$250 each.

All winners will have their photos featured on all of Earth.Org’s Website, Social Media platforms, including FacebookInstagramTwitter, as well as newsletters and more.

A second edition of our competition will be run in 2022, with more details forthcoming, so be sure to check back on this page and follow us on social media for updates. If you would like to become a part of our global movement and mission, consider becoming an EO photographer. Earth.Org’s official photographers and their content will be regularly featured in our articles and our Instagram and Facebook posts. There is no financial commitment. When we post one of your photographs, we will inform you and ask you to repost the article or post on your Instagram story.

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