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13 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands in Hong Kong

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by Charmaine Kong Asia Dec 29th 20225 mins
13 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands in Hong Kong

With fast fashion on the rise, discarded garments are filling landfills at an alarming rate. In 2018, more than 300 tons of textile waste were tossed out every day in Hong Kong landfills. Globally, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of annual carbon emissions. Fashion brands are now scrambling to promote sustainability and ethical practices in their operations. Here are 13 ethical and sustainable Hong Kong fashion brands. 

15 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands in Hong Kong

1. Basics for Basics

Established by Kayla Wong, Basics for Basics is driven to minimise fashion’s carbon footprint, using surplus fabrics and organic cotton to create simple essentials ranging from graphic T-shirts, Sunday dresses and tank tops to hoodies and sweaters.

To ensure fair trade, the brand is also enhanced with a volunteer rewards program supported by Hands On Hong Kong.

2. Kitdo

Pioneered by Hong Kong-based stylist Denise Ho who has been in the sustainable fashion scene for the past 8 years, Kitdo aims to provide chic and functional solutions to restyle one’s existing wardrobe pieces, rather than participating in the cycle of waste creation and compulsive buying. The first restyling accessories label of its kind, Kitdo is an innovative and consciously-produced styling piece made with lightweight aluminium and strong magnet inserts. Plated with a waterless coating, namely PVD, the beautifully designed accessory is crafted individually with the CNC machine process.

sustainable fashion hong kong; kitdo; denise ho

Restyling a babydoll dress into the peek-a-boo top. Photo by: @kitdo_official

“The average person only wears 10-20% of their wardrobe,” explains Denise Ho, Kitdo Founder. “As a stylist, on set we use safety pins, tape and clips to get the right look out of the clothes on shoot, but these tools can easily ruin the fabric – particularly safety pins. It got me thinking about an alternative that also truly represents my ultimate vision of sustainable fashion. Kitdo expands your restyling options by creating new textures and shapes without putting holes in your clothes. It truly pushes the unlimited imagination of what’s possible with your wardrobe.”

3. Paper Shades

Launched by sibling entrepreneurs James and Madi Chu in 2018, Paper Shades is an eyewear label that designs and manufactures customisable sunglasses from durable and sturdy recycled paper. The UV 400 lenses are paired with biodegradable frames and adjustable arms, available in a variety of designs to suit all face shapes and occasions. 

paper shades

Photo by: Paper Shades

4. The R Collective

Born from Hong Kong-based charity Redress, The R Collective advocates for a circular fashion system and does so by upcycling waste materials- excess fibres, fabrics and fasteners- sourced from luxury fashion brands across the globe and then morphing them into versatile quality garments for women. Through rescuing fabrics, the brand has potentially reduced the emission of over 34 000 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent and 65 500 yards of fabric.

The collective donates 25% of its profits back to Redress as part of their engagement with environmental fundraising activities. 

5. Vestiaire Collective

The global resale platform Vestiaire Collective also champions the notion of circular fashion but in a different way. Through facilitating the buying and selling of second-hand designer brand items, the platform extends the average lifespan of clothing by nine months, reducing the carbon, waste and water footprint of each item by 20-30%. That way, consumers may give their wardrobe a second life by purchasing vintage luxury goods whilst simultaneously getting rid of their own items!

6. The Hula

With a similar mission to extend the life of well-crafted pieces, the online marketplace The Hula sells an edit of pre-owned authenticated designer clothing and accessories. According to founder Sarah Fung, a minimum of 5% of net profits go to partnered charities spanning environmental to human trafficking NGOs, and members are also given the chance to donate at time of purchase. The marketplace currently has a showroom in Wong Chuk Hang.

the hula

Photo by: The Hula

7. PYE

Helmed by Hong Kong businesswoman Dee Poon, dress shirt specialist PYE produces classic men apparel with a sustainable fashion seed-to-shirt philosophy. From farming their own cotton in Xinjiang, spinning the yarn with Extra Long Staple cotton, to cutting and sewing their patterns, the brand offers an eco-conscious alternative to typical formal attire. Without compromising on aesthetics, PYE has reduced its water and energy consumption by 57 and 43% respectively over the last decade.

8. Angus Tsui

Dedicated to bridging high fashion with environmental sustainability, the eponymous fashion brand Angus Tsui is known for its futuristic and experimental designs. Many of its collections upcycle textile waste while applying zero-waste and eco-printing techniques. The designer has previously joined hands with H&M to create upcycled uniforms and accessories using sustainable processes.

9. Classics Anew

If you’re looking for vintage clothing, Classics Anew is your cup of tea. Founded in 2014, the brand gives the traditional Qipao a contemporary twist by blending materials such as organic cotton, linen and denim materials with classic Chinese elements like mandarin collars and buttons. Apart from their retail store in Central, qipao-making workshops are regularly held at their showroom in Hung Hom. 

classics anew

Photo by: Classics Anew

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10. Net Sustain

Curated by Net-a-Porter, Net Sustain allows one to purchase clothing, shoes and jewellery products that support human, animal and environmental well-being.  Every item on the platform aligns with at least one of their eight key attributes: locally made, craft and community, considered materials, considered processes, considered ingredients, reducing waste, animal welfare, and vegan. 

11. Holenga

Traversing beyond the apparel landscape, Holenga crafts cruelty-free lifestyle accessories, including passport holders, luggage tags and customisable mugs. To curb waste, the company prints-to-order as customers purchase their wares. In particular, their award-winning signature ECO Can Plus- made of corn with zero plastic yielded- is biodegradable and heat-resistant. 

12. Good Days Activewear

Good Days was born during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 and centres itself around sustainable practices and values- be that the materials that go into the products or the labour that goes into producing the goods. It uses a range of recycled fabrics, including recycled polyester, nylon and cotton blends. It also creates fabrics using recycled plastic bottles, fishing nets and nylon carpets, all of which would otherwise end up in a landfill.

sustainable fashion brands hong kong

Photo by: Good Days Activewear

By collectively turning the spotlight on ethical businesses, we challenge the status quo of manufacturing practices. These Hong Kong sustainable and ethical fashion brands are changing the industry for the better; hopefully, the demand from consumers will drive a global industry-wide push to become more mindful of their practices. 

13. Vipop

Launched by Venezuelan natives Lenia Pérez and Fabiana González, Vipop sources conscious resort-wear and swimwear from small label and well-known designers in Latin America and Europe. They strictly only work with brands that have eco-friendliness and fair trade at the forefront.

From vegan materials and carbon-neutral manufacturing to supporting local hand makers and seamstresses in the countries the clothes are made in, their ethically made vibrant evening gowns, bikinis, and coord sets make you look like you just stepped off a sunbathed cobblestone street in Colombia. Vipop’s boutique Artezano is in the Soho district located right on the famous Graham Street which also houses an adorable café and Mediterranean grocery store.

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