According to a new report, the annual emissions of China exceeded those of all developed countries combined in 2019, the first time this has happened since national greenhouse gas emissions have been measured. 

What is Happening?

The report said, “China alone contributed over 27% of total global emissions, far exceeding the US- the second highest emitter- which contributed 11% of the global total. For the first time, India edged out the EU-27 for third place, coming in at 6.6% of global emissions.”

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Speaking to CNN, Reinhard Steurer, a climate scientist and associate professor at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, said that the West shouldn’t be congratulating itself just yet, saying, “A lot of the stuff we [in the West] consume is produced in China and the emissions are counted into the Chinese carbon emissions record. If you take into account those consumption-based emissions, our record isn’t that good… We should never really blame China as the worst emitter on earth, because quite a lot of their emissions go into our consumption.”

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