More than two months after it started, the 2020 US presidential election is over. The votes from two runoff elections in Georgia that were triggered in November 2020 after no candidate in either race won 50% of the vote, are done being counted, with Joe Biden certified as the 46th US President. Democrats now have control of the House, Senate and White House, which will no doubt help the Biden administration successfully pass legislation on its central tenets, including immigration, racial equality and crucially, the climate. 

What is Happening?

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However, this is not to say that the path forward will be smooth. Progressive Democrats will have to compromise with their moderate colleagues to get bills passed. Additionally, Republicans tend to win in midterm elections, which are two years away, which could complicate efforts to get bills passed and effectively implemented.

However, the Georgia elections have sparked hope that Biden will pass meaningful climate legislation to get the US on the path of decarbonisation, which has been sorely lacking over the last four years. 

Featured image by: NY Times