On June 21, we had a conversation with Md. Mudassir Hussain, winner of the Human Impacts on the Environment Category of the 2022 Earth.Org Photography Competition. As a freelance photographer and former tour guide, he has been travelling across Bangladesh for nearly 15 years, documenting how climate change is affecting one of the world’s most vulnerable countries and the impact that the climate crisis has on its people.

Md. Mudassir Hussain is a freelance photographer based in Bangladesh, winner of the Human Impacts on the Environment Category of our 2022 Photography Competition

In our online conversation on June 21, Mudassir shared his thoughts on several topics, including: 

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As a tour guide, Mudassir had the chance to travel across his home country – Bangladesh – for nearly 15 years. During his travels, he has experienced firsthand the impacts of climate change, noticing the vicious cycle of how human activities are causing global warming and compromising the environment but also how the climate crisis is harming humans. 

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a job as Mudassir decided to pick up his camera and document ‘untold stories’ of Bangladeshi people that are directly impacted by climate change. His goal, he said, is to raise awareness about the environmental issues of our time and change people’s perspectives on the detrimental impact of human activities on the environment.

“If you can connect with the subject and find untold stories to tell, then your photos have the potential to change the perspective of people on environmental issues.” – he said.

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You can check out the full-length video of Earth.Org’s Conversation with Md. Mudassir Hossein here: 

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