On June 22, we had a conversation with Sujan Sarka, winner of the 2022 Earth.Org Photography Competition. A teacher with a huge passion for photography, Sujan spends his free time taking powerful photos of wildlife in India in a bid to raise environmental awareness through what he describes as a ‘powerful’ and ‘essential’ tool.  

Sujan Sarka is a teacher based in India, winner of the Overall Best Environmental Photo as well as the Wildlife in Peril Category of our 2022 Photography Competition

In our online conversation on June 22, Sujan shared his thoughts on several topics, including: 

Sujan’s home country, India, is among the world’s most vulnerable areas to climate change, with its effects visible everywhere across the country, from its extremely polluted cities and waterways to the extreme weather events – such as floods and droughts – that relentlessly hit the country , sparking food insecurity, large-scale destruction, and biodiversity loss.

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You can check out the full-length video of Earth.Org’s Conversation with Sujan Sarka here: 

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