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World’s Largest ImpactNFT Auction Gala To Kick off in Miami

by Earth.OrgNov 8th 20212 mins
World’s Largest ImpactNFT Auction Gala To Kick off in Miami

Earth.Org is joining in the Miami Crypto Experience and the ImpactNFT Auction Gala, in which proceeds will go towards driving positive social and environmental change. 

The Miami Crypto Experience, one of the largest gatherings of crypto experts and enthusiasts, will be hosting the biggest ImpactNFT auction in crypto history on November 10, to demonstrate and amplify the message of how blockchain technology can empower artists and be a force for good in driving positive social and environmental changes. 

Taking place at the James L Knight Center in downtown Miami, the ImpactNFT Auction Gala will see more than 20 screens and projectors, mounted vertically, showcasing a stunning collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) artworks. Each of the NFT artworks are exhibited with detailed descriptions of the artists and meaning behind their pieces. The creators are supporting their choice of social impact organisations with the sales of their artworks, which will be highlighted at the auction as well as the causes these nonprofits are fighting for, including wildlife conservation and safeguarding democracy. 

Earth.Org is also participating in this exciting and meaningful auction gala and will be presenting spectacular artworks with ImpactNFT Alliance and Project Ark, a new blockchain-powered conservation platform that directly funds animal and environmental conservation efforts around the world. The NFT art on display depicts the human impacts on the environment, and will include photographs by Chin Leong Teo, one of the winners of Earth.Org’s 2021 Global Wildlife & Natural World Photography Competition.

Proceeds from the ImpactNFT auction will help us continue to deliver our free data-journalism, and support our ecosystem of changemakers, ranging from notable writers and experts to photographers and global ambassadors, as well as our non-profit partners.  Together, it is our mission to inform the world and drive behavioural and policy change to mitigate the climate crisis. 

Two other participating artists, Rebecca Rose (@sculpturings), a creative who specialises in unique hologram and digital collage art, and Mister Goldie (@GoldiesNFTart), whose graffiti-esque artworks are inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, will also be contributing a portion of their sales to support the work of Earth.Org. 

For those who can’t make it in person, a free online gallery is available on view as well. Interested parties can enjoy the artworks online and bid for them until the end of the Miami conference on November 12, or alternatively, head towards the online NFT marketplace OpenSea after the conclusion of the event.

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